Staking Functionality

Staking refers to the process of locking up a specific number of tokens to access various features and benefits within a platform. With INSP, staking tokens can unlock additional features or enable participation in revenue-driven staking pools and governance models. This implementation aims to balance reducing the INSP token's volatility, incentivizing long-term holding, and offering access to features and income sources for dedicated participants.

Staking as an Access

Tool Users can stake tokens to access the Adspace Protocol on the INSP platform, allowing them to engage in the bidding process for prominent advertising spaces. This ensures that only committed users and businesses participate in the protocol for the most valuable spaces, demonstrating their dedication and confidence in the platform.

Furthermore, by staking tokens, users can gain early access to new projects and participate in early whitelist opportunities or other exclusive perks in collaboration with dedicated partners and customers. This provides a significant advantage in the competitive NFT and crypto markets, where early access can mean the difference between substantial gains and missed opportunities.

Staking as an Income Tool

A portion of the net revenue will be allocated to dedicated staking pools, which, if needed, trigger automated buybacks of the INSP token. Users can stake their INSP tokens to earn additional tokens. As incoming revenue is partially allocated to these pools, this operation remains relatively neutral, considering a stringent penalty mechanism for early exits from staking pools. Implementing this token function alleviates sell pressure in the short, mid, and long term, depending on the success of the Inspect ecosystem while fairly rewarding participants.

Staking as a Governance Tool

The utility of the token in relation to the governance model is evident, as submitting proposals, participating in votes, or assuming positions within the Inspect Foundation will require either holding or staking the INSP token.

By combining these staking functionalities, we aim to create a balanced ecosystem that reduces token volatility, incentivizes long-term holding, and offers access to features and income sources for dedicated users. Staking as an access tool enables committed users to participate in valuable platform features, while staking as an income tool fairly rewards participants and relieves sell pressure. Finally, staking as a governance tool empowers users to actively contribute to the platform's development and direction.

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