Payment Functionality

The INSP token serves as a versatile payment option within the platform, offering users both flexibility and choice in their transactions. Utilizing INSP as a payment method presents potential cost savings, making it an attractive choice for users. The platform's requirement for INSP tokens in transactions generates inherent demand, which increases as more users and businesses join the ecosystem. This creates a sustainable network effect that benefits early adopters and supporters, given the limited supply of INSP tokens.

Moreover, by accepting payments in INSP tokens, the Inspect Foundation can efficiently manage its treasury since the token's value may appreciate over time due to the network effect. This flexibility enables the Foundation to conduct business activities, such as funding protocol upgrades, rewarding contributors, or supporting new initiatives, without the need to convert tokens to other currencies. This approach saves time and money on conversion fees while mitigating volatility risk, as the Foundation does not have to rely solely on other currencies to maintain its treasury's value.

Additionally, the INSP token will act as the primary currency within the engagement protocol, fueling natural demand for the token in relation to third-party campaigns. Keeping simple economics in mind, the commission charged for facilitating campaigns through the INSP platform will yield net-positive results, ensuring a sustainable business model.

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