Purpose & Values

Inspect core values & purpose

Purpose: The primary objective of the Inspect Foundation (the "Foundation") is to support the Inspect DAO by cultivating a culture of community-driven dialogue and innovation. The Foundation aims to establish the necessary frameworks for decentralized governance on both micro and macro levels.

To accomplish this, it is essential to restrict proposal submissions and voting processes to Inspect DAO members. Membership in the DAO necessitates holding any amount of INSP tokens, which proportionally determine a user's voting weight on all proposals.

In line with the Foundation's commitment to transparency, all preliminary discussions, proposals, votes cast, and outcomes will be publicly available.

Foundation and Values: The Foundation, serving as the executive arm of the protocol and governed by the Inspect DAO community, is responsible for implementing consensus-driven decisions of the Inspect DAO. The Inspect DAO community has the authority to submit proposals, vote on them, and bring them to fruition.

Four core values guide the Foundation:

Innovation: Fostering bold and ambitious thinking to drive innovation across ecosystems.

Determination: Valuing frequent iteration over inaction; preferring an imperfect diamond to a flawless pebble.

Collective Benefit: Prioritizing customer success and satisfaction.

Transparency: Embracing the belief that "sunlight is the best disinfectant" (Louis Brandeis).

The INSP token, within the Inspect ecosystem, is a versatile and potent utility token with numerous functions beyond traditional governance. Token holders can vote on proposals and decisions, access INSP protocol functions, and enjoy premium features. The token also serves as a payment method and incentivization mechanism to encourage desired community behavior. This comprehensive document details the various functionalities of the INSP token, subject to refinement and finalization as each integration is developed.

The Inspect Foundation is dedicated to promoting community-led governance and participation in the Inspect ecosystem's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The foundation strives to create an inclusive environment where community members influence the project's direction and future.

To achieve this goal, the Inspect Foundation collaborates with contributors to support the development and growth of a transparent Inspect ecosystem. The foundation offers resources and tools that empower contributors to develop innovative solutions and products for the collective's benefit. The aim is to encourage bold and ambitious thinking while valuing frequent iteration over inaction and preferring an imperfect diamond to a flawless pebble.

The INSP token is a crucial component that empowers community members to actively participate in governance, ensuring a decentralized and democratic DAO. This effective mechanism ensures the community's voice is heard, fostering an environment of inclusivity and transparency.

The Inspect Foundation will be overseen by the Council, which provides a supportive and coordinating role in the decentralized community's work. Initially, the Council will be managed by the current core team members to establish its foundation. The Council holds the authority and responsibility to oversee key management procedures, such as treasury management, fund transfers, protocol deployment and upgrades, and coordinating the Foundation's daily operations. Once the groundwork is laid, the Community bears the responsibility for further development of the Inspect ecosystem and proposal submissions shaping long-term strategy.

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